2016/2017 Vintage Port Selection

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Limited mixed case offer (Current individual market value £425 - £455)

Six bottle mixed case, includes:

1 x 2016 Warre's Vintage Port

1 x 2016 Dow's Vintage Port

1 x 2016 Graham's Vintage Port

1 x 2017 Warre's Vintage Port

1 x 2017 Cockburn's Vintage Port

1 x 2017 Dow's Vintage Port

The Symington family have been producing and shipping Port since Andrew James Symington arrived in Porto in 1882. Today the family portfolio includes many of the great names in the Port world, and in 2016 and 2017 they produced some of their best of the century so far. To get two such exceptional vintages in a row is almost unheard of, indeed it's the first time in the family's history that they have 'declared' two vintages in a row.

To celebrate this we have put together our own unique selection from across the two vintages