2019 Mâcon Lugny St Pierre, Bouchard Pere et Fils, Burgundy, France

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Mâcon-Lugny is a village appellation growing in the wider area of Mâcon-Villages appellation, and located in the middle of an area formed by Mâcon, Cluny and Tournus. The vineyard combines different exposures that result in different levels of earliness for the grapes. The terroir is for a great part made of limestonefrom the Jurassic era that is perfect for the Chardonnay, but there are also flint clay soils and marls. They all contribute to give the wines their freshness and fruity aromas, as well as their rounded caracter. Grapes were slowly pressed and after settling the must at low temperature, the fermentation takes place in temperature controlled vats so to preserve the freshness and natural fruitiness of the Chardonnay. Then the wine is aged partly in vats and partly in oak barrels in order to emphasize its structure and give it more richness. The proportion of vat and oak is our winemaker's secret; he works in accordance with the vintage to make the grapes and its terroir outstand in the wine.