2017 St Bris, William Fevre

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Situated just to the south west of Chablis, and north of Burgundy's Cote d'Or lies the appellation of St Bris, a Sauvignon Blanc outpost in a region dominated by Chardonnay. In fact St Bris is the only white Burgundy AOC made from Sauvignon Blanc. On first tasting there are characteristics, such as its vibrancy and fresh minerality, that are not dissimilar to the wines of nearby Chablis, but there are telltale Sauvignon traits that set it apart. It's a little more herbal and aromatic than a classic Chablis and slightly more exotic on the palate. Just as it is geographically, this wine sits somewhere in the middle ground between Chablis and Sancerre and is right up there in terms of quality with both.