2017 Coffee House Pinotage, Wellington Wines

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Wellington Wines traces its roots to a co-operative founded in 1906 and is proud to be member-owned with 98 shareholders. The region’s varied terroir and Mediterranean climate nurtures vines to their optimum potential, so much so, that the region is home to 85% of the vine nurseries supplying all South African root stocks. Coffee House Pinotage has been crafted using a combination of winemaking techniques focussed on drawing out the coffee-like aromas of South Africa’s signature grape, resulting in a distinctive style of wine which has proved popular in the UK.

Made from batches of premium Wellington Pinotage, carefully selected for their richness and intensity. This wine shows aromas of wild berries and plum, leading to enticing notes of coffee and chocolate that come from ageing with heavily toasted oak staves. Smooth and rich in the mouth, its easy drinking on its own or makes an ideal partner to red meats and spicy dishes.