2017 Red Soil Select Pinot Noir, Manos Negras, Patagonia, Argentina

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Rio Negro has Patagonia’s most unique soil profile, with bright red, iron rich clay soils prevalent throughout the vineyard. The vineyard is located on a river bank that slopes down to the river, with different soil textures up and down the embankment. There are patches of brighter red soils in the vineyard which are very low in organic material and very high in iron mineral content. Their poor profile naturally brings down yields for exceptional concentration of aromas and flavours. These red patches impart exceptional complexity to the Pinot Noir fruit. The Manos Negras Red Soil Pinot Noir is made entirely from select Pinot Noir grapes from these patches of bright red soils.

The autumn berry aromas are earthy, with flavours of bramble, chocolate and plum with some earthy spice.