2017 Sparkling Shiraz, Majella, Coonawarra, Australia

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With some fantastic grapes, one of Australia’s best winemakers and a state of the art winery, Majella craft some of the finest wines in the country on one of the most revered strips of dirt in the wine world. Winemaker, Bruce Gregory, who made the very first wine for Majella and has made each one ever since. This flagship wine is a masterpiece which, along with the Majella Cabernet Sauvignon, has entered Langton’s Classification of Australia’s Best Wines. They also make an excellent breakfast wine; The Majella Sparkling Shiraz.

One of Australia's best sparkling red wines. Full flavoured with a subtle balance of fruit and vanilla wood, hints of spice cinnamon and pepper with a presence of yeasty bread characteristics with soft acid balance to finish the palate.