2020 Tempranillo Toro, Castillo de Aresan, Castilla, Spain

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The Tempranillo TORO was chosen because of its lovely combination of fruit and spice. Fruity Tempranillos are not uncommon, and this is packed full of Strawberry, raspberry and cherry flavours, but alongside this is a lovely sweet spice that's not so common. In all this makes for a really interesting red that is medium bodied and good to keep in the rack for any occasion. 

From the producer: Our property in Spain, in the wine region of La Mancha, is entirely organically farmed thanks to its geographical location and natural climatic conditions. Indeed, the property of 200 ha in one piece around the cellar makes the monitoring easier and it easier to react in the vineyard. It is located at an altitude of 750m which gives to our plants a natural protection against diseases and a reduction of insect populations.

As a result, we do not need to do a lot of treatments to protect the vine.

Also, Castillo de Aresan is the only property with 100% of its products in organic farming in the region.


In the spirit of our approach in Organic Farming, we wanted to take a step further at Castillo de Aresan for the natural environment and work in a vegan approach with 100% vegetable wines.