50cl bottle - Alvada Rich Madeira, Blandys, Madeira, Portugal

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Two of Madeira's richest and sweetest grapes, Bual and Malmesy, have combined here to produce a wine that really coats the mouth with rich nutty flavour.The Alvada is very sweet and unctuous, with citrusy notes from the Bual portion, particularly flavors of orange. Aromas of Christmas spices burst from the glass, and the flavor is complex, with forward plum pudding and brown sugar notes.

Alvada is Blandy’s highly successful bid to bring a new and modern feel to the Madeira marketplace. The striking pink label makes its physical presence felt, but also the highly unusual decision to blend Malmsey and Bual together results in a unique combination of the sweet richness of Malmsey underpinned by the nutty earthiness of Bual.