2022 Don't Feed the Ponies Figgie Daniel, Sharpham Wines, Devon, UK

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  • Madeleine Angevine
  • Pinot Blanc




An energetic wine with a lively spritz. This wine is unfiltered and unfined and contains the lees in the bottle. Col Fondo means 'with the bottom' in Italian, referring to the leftover lees sediment. This is the method in which Prosecco was produced before being overly commercialised but is now regaining popularity.

This wine is light and spritzy with green apple, lemon rind, elderflower and yeasty characters. We recommend a gentle shake before serving to distribute the sediment.

This wine is part of Sharpham's new Don't Feed The Ponies range of more experimental wines, a reference to a campaign on Dartmoor National Park to discourage visitors from feeding the wild horses that roam there. The source of the River Dart begins way up in the heart of the moors, and it's the river that influences how the estate's grapes grow.

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