Origine 1er Cru Brut Champagne, Jean Gimonnet, Champagne, France

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Jean Gimonnet's Champagnes are quite simply the best we have tried for some time. We love the added maturity of the Champagnes from the extended lees ageing. This combined with the intensity of fruit from the 1er Cru grapes results in a wine of great complexity and finesse. The creamy texture is sensational and the fine bubbles just caress the mouth.

Discover the essence of Champagne Jean Gimmonet, where tradition meets innovation in every effervescent sip. Jean-Luc Gimonnet, a dedicated artisan and custodian of a prestigious winemaking legacy, embodies a profound reverence for terroir. For him, crafting each cuvée is not just a practice—it's a relentless pursuit of authenticity. Nestled in the heart of Cuis, amidst chalk-laden soils that define its character, Jean-Luc sculpts wines that resonate with the whispers of their origin. With ageing on lees from a minimum of seven years to over two decades for select vintages, patience becomes a virtue and devotion a creed. Each passing year adds depth and complexity and enriches the character of his wines like a work of art that improves over time. In Jean-Luc's hands, crafting each cuvée is akin to the meticulous craftsmanship of haute couture, requiring tireless dedication and unwavering commitment to precision and innovation. These moments of pure creation ignite his passion and reinforce his relentless pursuit of excellence. Welcome to a realm where each bottle tells a story—a story woven of heritage, dedication, and the timeless artistry of Champagne Jean Gimmonet.

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