Triple Sec Curaçao Blanc, Distillerie Grandmont - 70cl bottle

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Distillerie de Grandmont Triple Sec Curaçao Blanc offers a true taste of history, embodying the traditional and authentic style of French liqueurs of the 1800s. Crafted through meticulous research and dedication, this liqueur showcases bright and elegant citrus notes, primarily orange and tangerine, gracefully balanced with juniper and a subtle bitterness. The process begins with organic grain alcohol as a base, enhanced by a secret blend of citrus fruits, peels, natural plants, spices, and herbs. Founder Karim Karroum's passion for vintage alcohols birthed this venture, aiming to revive the lost treasures of French gastronomy using wild, natural ingredients. Versatile and timeless, Distillerie de Grandmont Triple Sec Curaçao Blanc elevates classic cocktails like Margaritas and Sidecars, or can be enjoyed simply over ice with a splash of soda on a warm day.

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